Free Government iPhone 7 & 7 Plus: How to Get

Imagine this: a Free Government iPhone 7 & 7 Plus through government programs. I was so shocked and it caught my eye while I was scrolling through social media. My old government iPhone needed an upgrade, so I was so amazed to see how is this actually work. I have also published a details method of getting a Free Government iPhone 8.

These days, an iPhone is more than just a fancy gadget. It’s a lifeline. It lets you call, text, access healthcare, and stay connected online. But not everyone can afford one. That’s where the government steps in. They just want to make it clear that everyone can get connected to each other. They’re offering free gov iPhone 7, and I’m here to tell you how to get one.

So, if you’re willing to upgrade your iPhone and don’t want to breaking the bank account, you must keep reading this article. At Free iPhone Government, I’ll show you how to a complete process of how to get a Free iPhone 7 & 7 Plus the same way I got mine and hopefully you will appreciate my personal experience.

Free Government iPhone 7 Programs

Everyone these days looking for a latest version of Free Government Smartphones but you need to know that iPhone 7 isn’t the newest, but it’s still expensive for many people who can’t afford to have one. Here’s some good news: the government has a plan. They run something called the Lifeline Program and also ACP which is also known as Affordable Connectivity Program and it runs through the Federal Communications Commission.

Free Government iPhone 7 Plus

Here’s how it works: if you qualify, you can get an iPhone 7 for free or at a big discount. You’ll also get a cheaper phone plan from a partner carrier. You can choose either the Lifeline benefit, the ACP benefit, or both.

To get in on this, check if you qualify, then choose how you want to apply: online, by mail, or through a carrier. The Free Government iPhone 7 program is part of Lifeline Assistance, making sure even people with lower incomes can stay connected.

How I Got My Free Gov iPhone 7 & 7 Plus?

Securing a free government iPhone 7 is within reach by following these easy to follow steps:

iPhone 7
  1. Visit the official website of either the ACP or the Lifeline program, ensuring you’re on the genuine government site.
  2. Look for the “Apply Now” option, usually prominently displayed on the website’s homepage.
  3. Now, you’ll need to provide some basic information, so get ready to fill in details such as your first name, last name, date of birth, and your government identity. This could be your Social Security Number (SSN), drivers license or any other identity card, your travel document such as passport, consular ID, child documents such as birth certificate, or other government-issued identity document. In some cases, a tribal ID may also be accepted.
  4. Don’t forget to input your home address accurately, as this information is crucial for your application.
  5. The final step is to upload the necessary documents as specified on the website. This typically includes proof of your eligibility and identity.
  6. Once you’ve completed all these steps, hit that submit button, and you’re on your way to potentially receiving a free gov iPhone 7. Remember to check your application’s status regularly for updates.

Free Government iPhone 7 Top Programs

Let’s talk about the top government funded programs that can support you towards getting a Free iPhone 7 Government Phone:

Lifeline Assistance Program

Lifeline has been around for a while, helping people with low incomes. It used to be about landline phones, but now it’s caught up with the times. They offer mobile phones, which include a free iPhone 7.

Connect America Fund (CAF):

CAF is a government program with a big goal. They want to bring fast internet to places that don’t have it. As part of this plan, they also provide smartphones like the iPhone 7. So, it’s not just about talking on the phone; it’s about being online.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP):

This program is new and was created because of COVID-19. It’s like the new kid on the block. ACP wants to make sure that nobody gets left behind in the digital world. They help by offering cheaper internet and even devices like the iPhone 7 to households that meet certain criteria.

affordable connectivity program website

These programs are a big deal. They make sure that everyone, no matter how much money they have or where they live, can get the tools they need to stay connected in today’s digital world. So, if you want an iPhone 7 but thought you couldn’t afford it, these programs are here to help. There’s another latest model available which you can get by visiting through Free Government iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Top Free iPhone Government Phone Providers

Let’s explore the top companies that give away Free Government iPhone 7:

SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is one of the biggest names in the Lifeline program. They are known for having many different smartphones and plans for people who meet the requirements. They have a good history of helping people get important services.

Cintex Wireless

If you live in Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan, Delaware, Alaska, New Hampshire, Missouri, Texas, Oregon, Arkansas, Kansas, or West Virginia, Cintex Wireless can help. They give out iPhone free government phone, but you need to apply on their website to see if you can get one. Cintex Wireless has been around for a while, helping people in these states. They understand how important it is to stay connected, so they’re part of the Lifeline program to assist you.

NewPhone Wireless

Another place to get a free iPhone 7 is NewPhone Wireless. They offer different plans for people with low incomes in Louisiana and Wyoming. The combo plan is the one that comes with a free phone. NewPhone Wireless is all about helping folks in these states stay connected without spending too much money.

Besides the iPhone 7, they also provide users with talk time (no limit), unlimited messages, caller ID, unlimited voice mail or voice message you can also make 3-way calls, and high speed 15 GB of 4G or 5G internet data.


Verizon is a major phone company that also takes part in the Lifeline program. It depends on which area you’re residing and what is currently available, you might be able to get an iPhone, like the iPhone 7, from them. They’ve been around for a long time and are trusted in the phone industry.

Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless provides smartphones with their Lifeline plans. They might have the iPhone 7, but it’s not always available. They want to make sure you can stay in touch with a reliable phone. You can also apply for a Free Government iPhone 14 with food stamps.

T Mobile

T Mobile offers different smartphones, including iPhones, to people who are eligible. If you qualify, you might be able to get an iPhone 7 from T Mobile. They have phone coverage in many places.

Airtalk Wireless

Airtalk Wireless is all about giving free smartphones, including the iPhone 7 through AirTalk Wireless Free Government Phone, to people who can get help from the Lifeline program. They’re part of the effort to make sure everyone can stay connected in the digital age.

These companies want to help you stay connected with a good phone, like the iPhone 7, even if you don’t have a lot of money. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting an iPhone but worried about the cost, these companies can help you stay in touch without spending too much.

Requirements: Free Government iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Getting a Free Government iPhone 7 or 7 Plus is possible, but there are specific requirements you need to meet. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what’s needed:

eligibility criteria
  1. U.S. Citizenship and Residency: To start, you must be a citizen of the United States and live in one of the qualifying states or territories. You can easily find out if your location is on the list by checking our official website.
  2. Income Eligibility: Your annual income should fit within the limits which is being finalized by Federal Government. These limits depend on your family size. To see if you qualify based on your income, it’s essential to review the current income thresholds on our website.
  3. Get a part of Government Assistance Programs: To be eligible for a free government iPhone, you must actively participate in specific government assistance programs. These include Medicaid, Food Stamps, SSI (Supplemental Security Income), Section 8 Housing, WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), Head Start/Early Head Start, TANF Cash Assistance Program, or the Free School Lunch Program. Alternatively you can also apply for a Free Government iPhone 6.

By meeting these requirements, you can access a Free Government iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, which will help you stay connected without the burden of high costs. To get started, visit our website to confirm your eligibility and initiate the application process. We’re here to make sure you have the tools you need for essential communication if you meet these criteria.

Document Requirements: Free iPhone 7 Plus

Certainly, let’s dive deeper into the document requirements for obtaining a Free Government iPhone 7. To demonstrate your eligibility, you’ll need to provide specific documents falling into two main categories: personal and eligibility documents.

Personal Document Requirements

These documents should contain vital information like your full name, date of birth, current address, and proof of U.S. citizenship. Acceptable documents include:

  1. Certificate of U.S. Citizenship or Naturalization: If you’re a naturalized citizen, this certificate confirms your status.
  2. Government-Issued ID Cards: Valid identification cards issued by the government, such as a state ID card.
  3. Military ID Card: If you are a current or former member of the military, this ID card serves as proof.
  4. Lease or Mortgage Statement: A copy of your lease agreement or mortgage statement demonstrates your current residence.
  5. Passport: A valid U.S. passport is a recognized proof of citizenship.
  6. Permanent Resident Card: If you are a permanent resident, your green card verifies your status.
  7. Tribal ID Card: For those belonging to recognized tribes, a tribal ID card can serve as proof.
  8. Utility Bills: Copies of recent utility bills in your name at the address you’re currently living in.
  9. U.S. Driver’s License: Your valid driver’s license issued in the U.S.
  10. W-2 Return: Your W-2 tax return document can establish your identity and income.

Eligibility Document Requirements

To qualify for a Free Government iPhone 7 Plus, you typically need to show that you don’t earn much money or that you’re part of a government help program. You can use these documents to validate your eligibility:

  1. Child Support Award: If you receive child support payments, the award documents can be proof of your financial situation.
  2. Divorce Decree: If you’re divorced and receive alimony or child support, the divorce decree can demonstrate your income.
  3. Income Statement Certified by Your Employer: Your employer can provide an income statement, confirming your earnings.
  4. Paycheck: Copies of recent paychecks can show your income level.
  5. Documents from Government Help Programs: These papers come from government programs that assist people. They might be letters telling you that you’re approved for benefits or showing what benefits you receive.
  6. Veteran’s Administration Benefits: If you are a veteran, documents confirming your VA benefits can serve as proof of eligibility.

Benefits of Having a Free iPhone 7 Plus

If you are using an older version of iPhone such as iPhone 5 or iPhone 6, you probably gonna love this Free iPhone 7 government phone as it has so many advance features. Do you know that there are few providers we also providing Free 5G Government Phones?

Here’s a simple table outlining the key features of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

FeatureiPhone 7iPhone 7 Plus
Display4.7-inch Retina HD display5.5-inch Retina HD display
Camera12-megapixel rear cameraDual 12-megapixel rear cameras
Front Camera7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera
ProcessorA10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architectureA10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture
Storage Options32GB, 128GB, 256GB32GB, 128GB, 256GB
Water ResistanceIP67 water and dust resistanceIP67 water and dust resistance
Battery LifeUp to 14 hours of talk time (3G)Up to 21 hours of talk time (3G)
Wireless ChargingNoNo
Stereo SpeakersYesYes
Touch IDYesYes
Operating SystemiOSiOS
Dimensions (mm)138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3
Weight (g)138188

Possible Drawbacks of Free Government iPhone 7 & Plus

As you know, everything have some benefits and drawbacks as well so as per my experience, I have felt the following negative things and drawbacks of applying for a Free iPhone 7.

  • If you are going to get a Free Government Phone, you probably need to sign a contract and there will be monthly fees which has to be paid.
  • As you know, Apple launch a new model each year and there are already so many new models available in the market. So don’t expect a latest model from the government as you will probably get an older version of Apple iPhone 7.
  • These Government free iPhones are not available for everyone so you have to pass the criteria in order to apply and get a free phone government such as Lifeline Program.

In additional to this, you can also be eligible to apply for a Free Government iPhone 13 Pro Max so check your eligibility right now.

From What Date, the Free iPhone 7 Will Be Available?

So many people these days are wondering if there is a specific date in a year to apply for a free government iPhone 7 and 7 Plus but you will be happy to know that there’s no specific time frame mentioned by Lifeline Program which means the applications are already open and you can just go ahead and submit your application anytime by now.


Who can be eligible to get a Free iPhone 7 from Government?

You can qualify if you are a citizen of United States or live in any U.S state, have little money, and are part of government help programs like Medicaid or Food Stamps.

How do I apply for a Free Government iPhone 7?

Go to the program’s website, click “Apply Now,” and fill in your details. You can apply on the internet, by sending a letter, or may be you can do it via a carrier.

What documents do I need to prove I qualify?

You’ll need papers like IDs, bills, or letters from the government showing you’re in assistance programs.

Is there any hidden charges for the Free Government iPhone 7?

No, it’s given to you for free as part of the assistance program. You don’t pay for the phone itself.

Is the iPhone 7 new or used?

Normally, it’s a phone that has been fixed up (refurbished) and certified to work like it’s new. Plus, it comes with a guarantee.

Final Thoughts

If you are the one who need a dependable phone with a good camera, ample storage, and essential features, the Free Government iPhone 7 & 7 Plus is an excellent choice. If you’re on a tight budget, explore the Lifeline and ACP programs for a chance to get a iPhone free government phone. By checking your eligibility and applying, you can access a valuable tool to stay connected, informed, and empowered in today’s digital world. Don’t let financial limitations hold you back. Apply today and experience the benefits of owning a free iPhone 7.

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