How to Get Rogers Free Tablet?

Do you know How to Apply and Get a Rogers Free Tablet? In the realm of corporate perks, Rogers has emerged as a star player, offering companies and their employees exclusive benefits. I’m fortunate to be part of a company that has a special arrangement with Rogers, extending enticing discounts on mobile phone plans to our valued customers.

While some of these discounted plans might not raise eyebrows, there’s one hidden gem that’s making waves, especially among data enthusiasts. Recently, both Rogers and Telus unveiled something truly remarkable: the Exclusive Partner Programs (EPP). But, you need a corporate email address to be eligible. If you meet this simple requirement, you’re in line for a coveted Rogers free tablet. Keep reading more article about getting a Free Government Tablet at Free iPhone Government.

It’s a testament to the power of collaboration, where companies like ours can deliver something extraordinary to our customers, making their mobile experience not only cost-effective but also surprisingly cutting-edge.

What is a Roger?

Rogers Communications Inc. is a Canadian communications and media company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Founded in 1960 by Edward S. Rogers Jr., it specializes in wireless communications, cable television, telephony, and Internet services. Led by CEO Tony Staffieri since January 10, 2022, the company is dedicated to delivering top-quality communication solutions to its customers. Thank you for considering Rogers Communications Inc. for your communication needs.

How to Get Rogers Free Tablet?

Unlocking a Rogers free tablet is a breeze, and it’s a game-changer for your digital world. Rogers, the renowned national carrier, has rolled out an offer that’s too good to miss. Also read how to get a Free Tablet in Oregon without any cost.

All you need to do is activate an Infinite plan priced at just $85 per month or higher, and voilà! You’ll receive a fantastic bonus – a complimentary tablet. You have a choice between two great options: the Samsung Tab A 8.4 or the Huawei T5. Each tablet is worth $360, but you won’t need to shell out a dime upfront. Instead, you can opt for easy financing, spreading the cost over 24 manageable monthly payments.

With this offer, your digital experience gets a serious upgrade. Whether you’re all about staying connected, browsing the web, enjoying entertainment, or boosting productivity, these tablets have you covered. Rogers wants to be your one-stop solution for communication and tech needs.

So, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Pair your Rogers Infinite plan with a free tablet and open up a world of possibilities. Stay connected, explore, and dive deep into your digital adventures with Rogers by your side. You need to also read Free Tablet in Utah.

How to Apply for Rogers Free Tablet?

Getting your hands on a Rogers Free Tablet is a straightforward process. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Check Eligibility: First, make sure you meet the requirements. You’ll need to activate an Infinite plan with a monthly cost of $85 or higher.
  2. Pick Your Tablet: Decide which tablet you want. You can choose between the Samsung Tab A 8.4 and the Huawei T5.
  3. Contact Rogers: Reach out to Rogers through their customer service channels. You can call their customer support hotline, visit a Rogers store in person, or explore their website for online application information.
  4. Express Interest: Let the Rogers representative know you’re interested in the Free Tablet offer. Provide them with your account details and tablet preference.
  5. Follow Instructions: Listen to the Rogers representative and complete the application process. This might involve filling out a form, showing ID, and agreeing to terms and conditions.
  6. Discuss Financing (If Needed): If you’re going for financing, chat with the representative about terms and options. They’ll help you set up the financing agreement.
  7. Review and Sign: Carefully go through all the offer details, including terms, financing (if chosen), and any costs. If everything looks good, sign the necessary documents.
  8. Confirmation: Once your application gets the green light, Rogers will send you confirmation. Follow any instructions to activate your tablet and start enjoying it.

Keep in mind that the application process might differ based on your situation and current Rogers procedures. For the latest, most accurate info, reach out to Rogers directly or visit their main website. Now, you’re all set to experience the perks of a Rogers Free Tablet!

How Did I get my EPP Plan?

Please allow me to share the exciting journey of how I secured my incredible $50 EPP Plan – a decision that completely transformed my mobile experience. Also checkout How to Unlock Sky Device Tablet.

As the days grew warmer in early spring, I noticed that my existing phone contract was nearing its end. With the anticipation of Black Friday in the air, I set out on a quest to find the perfect talk and text plan, complete with a generous data allowance. The twist? I didn’t need a new phone, as my trusty companion was still performing admirably.

Amid my search for Black Friday deals, a brilliant idea struck me. Why not explore what my own company could offer? With great enthusiasm, I scanned through the promotional material, and there it was, shining brighter than the rest – the $50 EPP plan. This gem boasted a whopping 20 GB of data, unlimited talk and text, and a host of other impressive features. I knew I had stumbled upon something truly special. If you are a resident of United Kingdom, you can also eligible for a Free Tablet in UK.

Without hesitation, I reached out to Rogers through their online chat. Their prompt response led me to a simple verification process for my company email address. After following the provided instructions, I eagerly awaited the next steps. In just a matter of days, a passcode arrived in my inbox, signaling that I was inching closer to my dream plan.

With renewed enthusiasm, I contacted Rogers once more, armed with the coveted passcode. The helpful representative on the other end swiftly guided me through the sign-up process. They revealed that many companies were eligible for this fantastic plan, making it accessible to almost anyone. All it took was a straightforward inquiry. You should also read Dodo Free Tablet.

My journey to the $50 EPP Plan was a breeze, and it’s a choice I’ve never regretted. With a little curiosity and the support of the Rogers team, I unlocked an extraordinary mobile plan that perfectly suited my needs.

Features of Free Rogers Tablet

Let’s dive into the remarkable features of the Rogers Free Tablet plan:

  1. Generous Data: With a whopping 20 GB of high-speed data, you can stream, browse, and connect to the online world without any worries.
  2. Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling: Stay connected with your friends and family with unlimited calls across Canada. No need to watch the clock.
  3. Unlimited Text Messaging: Keep in touch with your loved ones through unlimited text messages, ensuring you’re always just a message away.
  4. Convenient Voicemail: Voicemail, 2500 call forwarding minutes, call waiting, and conference calling are all part of the package, making sure you’re in control of your calls.
  5. Name Display: Know who’s calling with the handy name display feature, so you can decide whether to answer or let it go to voicemail.
  6. No Overage Charges: Don’t worry about exceeding your data limit; there are no overage charges. Your data speed may slow slightly after 20 GB, but it’s still usable.

All of these fantastic features are available at an incredibly affordable monthly price of just $50. While this plan doesn’t include device financing, if you have a reliable phone, you’re all set to enjoy these benefits hassle-free. It’s a plan that truly gives you more for less. You can also apply for a Cloud Mobile Tablet Free by visiting that page.


What is the Rogers Free Tablet offer?

It’s an offer that gives you a complimentary tablet when you activate an Infinite plan priced at $85 or higher per month.

Can I choose the tablet I want?

Yes, you can select between two options: the Samsung Tab A 8.4 or the Huawei T5.

Is there an upfront payment for the tablet?

No, there’s no upfront cost. You can opt for convenient financing instead.

How long is the financing period?

The financing period is 24 months, with manageable monthly payments.

What features come with the Infinite plan?

You get 20 GB of data, unlimited talk and text, voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, conference calling, and more.

Are there any overage charges for data usage?

No, there are no overage charges. Data speed may slightly reduce after 20 GB.

Can anyone get this offer?

You need a corporate email address to be eligible, but many companies qualify.

Where can I apply for the Rogers Free Tablet offer?

You can reach out to Rogers through their customer service channels, visit a store, or explore their website for online application details.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping things up, Rogers’ gift of a free tablet when you choose an Infinite plan at $85 or more per month is truly a game-changer. It’s more than just a plan; it’s a gateway to a richer digital life, all without any initial expense.

This offer isn’t just about connectivity, it’s about empowering users with advanced tech, making their digital journey seamless and cost-effective. It’s a clear win-win, where customers get more value, more convenience, and more possibilities. So, if you’re looking to elevate your mobile experience, this Rogers Free Tablet offer is your golden ticket to a brighter digital future.

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