Although there are many famous phone brands like Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo, the one that stands out among all of them is the iPhone which is a product of Apple. The looks, aesthetics, battery life, and, of course, amazing camera make people fall in love with the iPhone.

However, iPhones are one of the most expensive phones. To buy any model of iPhone, even a used one, you have to pay $1,000 to $1500. However, despite having the absolute need to have this phone, some people can’t buy it because they don’t have enough money. This is where the Free iPhone Government plan comes in. 

This is a free program launched by governments that give free iPhone government phones to people who are poor, homeless, or surviving on EBT benefits.

Make sure you read this article to the end to learn more about how to get a Free Government iPhone, and what criteria you must meet. Please also noted that iPhone has just launched their new iPhone 15 Pro Max recently and it has Titanium case, thin bezels, huge camera block, touch buttons and USB Type-C which sounds amazing.

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About Free iPhone Government 2024

As time passes, life is becoming more difficult for poor people. Everything, from food to drinks, education, and even phones, is getting expensive. 

In the digital era, having a phone, specifically the latest iPhone and other Free 5G Government Phones, as it’s secure, easy to use, and performs better, is very important. However, still,  many people can’t get one due to a lack of budget.

Free iPhone Government

Without a phone, it’s very difficult to survive in this digital world where everything, from interviews to submitting resumes, having video calls, or working online, happens on the phone.

In such a situation, to help needy people have their own good mobile phone, the government has made a program called Free iPhone Government. In this plan, the government works with different phone providers to help needy people have their own iPhones for free. Sounds interesting?

Free iPhone 15

Apply Now and Get iPhone 15 & Pro Max from Government

Free iPhone 14

Apply Now and Get iPhone 14 & Pro Max from Government

Free iPhone 13

Apply Now and Get iPhone 13 & Pro Max from Government

Free iPhone 8 Plus

Apply Now and Get iPhone 8 Plus from Government

Free iPhone 11

Apply Now and Get iPhone 11 & Pro Max from Government

Free iPhone 7

Apply Now and Get iPhone 7 and 7 Plus from Government

How Does The Free iPhone Program Work?

The free program is basically for all those people who are surviving on EBT or catfish benefits. To be eligible for this program, it’s crucial for you to be a member of the EBT program. Although there are other criteria as well that I’ll tell you in a bit, for now, just consider that this program is only for those who participate in EBT benefits.

There are different phone providers that the government works with. And you get the phones not directly from any government office but from any phone provider that you’ll be told about once your application to get the iPhone gets approved.

Free Government iPhone Eligibility Checker Online

Answer the following questions to find out:

Eligibility Checker

Why Does the Government Give Free iPhones?

Although a quick review of why the government gives free iPhones to people has already been discussed above, we’re going to dive deeper into why the government is doing so. Let’s dive in!

1: Digital Inclusion:

Everything in this world is going digital these days. People who don’t have a phone can’t keep up with the fastest-changing world.

They’ll be left behind. For students, if they don’t have a phone, they won’t be able to clear their doubts after taking their lecture, and they won’t have access to any online books or tutorials that they can learn from.

Another example of this would be a sick person who can’t keep track of their medicines, order them, or ask their doctors about them if they don’t have a phone.

Not only that, when one doesn’t have a phone, they can’t learn how to earn money online. In fact, they won’t even know something like online earning exists. In a nutshell, not having a phone is just a loss for the poor person.

That’s it. So, the government doesn’t want poor people to be deprived of all these things. Thus, they have launched this Free iPhone Government program to help as many people as they can.

2: Connectivity:

You have to be connected with not only your friends and family but with people across the globe. You have to make them friends and, sometimes, your clients. That thing isn’t possible without a phone.

Even if you don’t think about clients, if you don’t have a phone and you’re living out of your home to study, it’d hurt you if you couldn’t talk to them. So, studying for you will become harder than it’d be if you had a phone with you. This is another reason for the free government program.

3: To Create More Jobs:

A phone is an open doorway for jobs. If you have any skills, you can easily get a job or just sell your services. As you know, online earning has become a trendy topic these days. Now, to work, you don’t need to take your CV from city to city and then give your interviews. 

Now, you just create your profile on Fiverr, which can also be done on your phone, and then, after a month or two, you’ll start getting clients from there. Also, there are many tech companies that have job openings that you can apply for online.

4: Building Digital Skills And Technological Literacy

It’s very important in this world to be able to get the most out of technology. If you don’t even know how to use the phone, it means you’re quite left behind in terms of technological literacy. The Free iPhone Government program was made with the idea of helping people gain technological literacy. 

Having a phone not only teaches you how to use one, but using a phone can teach you different things, like how to use a computer, how to code, or any other important things. Also, you can explore your career in the online world as a Youtuber, freelancer, virtual assistant, and things like that.

5: Emergency Alerts And Public Services:

A government can use iPhones to send emergency alerts and public service announcements. It’s possible to make sure critical information reaches a wider audience by distributing smartphones to citizens. Weather alerts, disaster updates, public health announcements, and more.

6: Public Health Initiatives:

When there’s a public health crisis, like a pandemic, governments might give people smartphones. It could be really useful to contain outbreaks and prevent further transmission by tracking the spread of infectious diseases and notifying people who have come into contact.

Smartphones can track potential exposures, so governments can figure out how a disease spreads and target interventions.

Does The Government Give You iPhones For Real?

Yes, indeed, the government does give you free gov iPhones such as Free Government iPhone 8 Plus if you meet the criteria. However, here’s one thing to keep in mind: It’s not always a guarantee that the Free Touch Screen Government Phones that you’ll get is an iPhone. 

I mean, there are iPhones that are given in the programme, but sometimes they are not. Because the things that you can do on an iPhone can also be done on any other phone,

So, sometimes you get iPhones in the programme, while sometimes you don’t. It depends on the provider you’re getting the phones from. If the providers have iPhones in their inventory, they’ll surely give them to you. But if they have any other phones, they’ll give you these phones instead.

Not just that, sometimes the providers have good iPhones that are refurbished. So, they give you those as well. Because they’re usable,  it’s okay even if they’re not new. You can even get those complimentary free smartphones through Free iPhone When You Switch deals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Government iPhones:

  • Enhanced Security: Although iPhones are already too secure, the ones that you get from the government are the most secure. Because the government ensures that the iPhone you are getting doesn’t leak your data or harm you in any way, if you’re the kind of person who wants to save personal data on their free government iPhone, then government iPhones will surely help you do that safely.
  • Streamlined Communication: Built-in communication tools in government iPhones, like email and video conferencing, make collaboration and decision-making faster. This boosts efficiency among officials and departments.
  • Free Communication Services: Eligible individuals get free voice and data services. This means staying connected with calls, texts, and internet browsing to reach out to friends and family.
  • Access to Amazon Prime: Some program participants get free Amazon Prime memberships. This opens the door to perks like speedy shipping and streaming services.
  • Better Employment Opportunities: A reliable smartphone opens doors to job searches, applications, and virtual interviews. This increases the chances of landing stable employment.
  • Free 5G Government Phone: Certain providers offer eligible folks free 5G government phones. These devices deliver faster internet speeds and connectivity for smoother browsing and emailing.
  • Quicker Access to Emergency Services: With a trustworthy phone, 911 is just a call away in emergencies. This ensures personal safety and contributes to community well-being.

Disadvantages of Government iPhones:

  • Wast time: Not everyone will be using Free Touch Screen Government Phones for studying, learning, or doing their job. Some people will also use them to waste their time watching reels and just scrolling on TikTok. Well, that’s a normal con.

How To Choose Right Free Gov iPhone Provider & Programs?

As mentioned earlier, the government works with different phone providers to give you free gov iPhones or any other models of phones. Also, there are different Free Government iPhone programs that work differently. So, how do you choose the right one for you? 

Even though I’ll tell you about the best Free iPhone Government programs in this article, I want you to be able to do this on your own as well so that you can better guide others. Let’s dive into the steps now.

Step 1: Do Research About All Of the Programs:

There are tons of different government programs and their provider’s label. Research about them thoroughly. Read about how the program works, how they provide the iPhones, and what phones they provide. 

You should take notes on all these things at the start. Make a list of the programs and the providers.

Step 2: Check Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a free gov iPhone, there are criteria that you have to meet. I’ll tell you the criteria ahead in this article, but you have to make sure that you meet them. If you don’t meet the criteria, then it’d be a pity for you to put in the effort to get the free of cost iPhones. You can also use the National Verifier Application System online to check if you’re eligible for Lifeline or ACP.

The teams sitting behind all of this program aren’t made. They verify you properly and see if you’re really deserving.

Step 3: Verify Legitimacy

Sadly, scams can exist. To avoid falling victim, ensure that the programs you’re considering are legitimate government initiatives. Only trust information from official government websites or reputable news sources.

Step 4: Compare Offerings

Compare the offerings of different programs. Some might provide just the iPhone, while others could include data plans, educational resources, or additional support services. Consider which features align with your needs.

Step 5: Read User Experiences

The best way to know whether the program is trustworthy or not is to read other users’ experiences with it. You can do so by searching for the specific program on Google and then going through the testimonials or reviews of the people. It’ll give you an idea of whether or not this program will be beneficial for you. 

If you find most people complaining about something like the platform being untrustworthy or not working, you better choose another one. But if the negative reviews are in the minority but the positive ones are in the majority, then you should definitely give the program a shot.

Step 6: Check the Application Process

After reading the testimonials, if you think that the program is trustworthy, then the next thing that you have to find out is what type of application you’ll have to submit. Some programs accept applications in person, while others accept them online. So, find that out so that you can submit the application.

Step 7: Review Terms and Conditions

Thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the program. Pay attention to any obligations, such as reporting usage data or attending workshops. Make sure you’re comfortable with these requirements.

Step 8: Assess Long-Term Benefits

Consider the long-term benefits of the program beyond just receiving a free iPhone. Some programs might offer opportunities for skill development, job assistance, or digital literacy training. Evaluate how these benefits align with your goals.

Step 9: Confirm Privacy and Data Security

If the program involves sharing personal information or data usage, ensure that your privacy and data security are protected. Verify that the program follows appropriate data protection protocols.

Step 10: Apply.

Once you’ve done your research and feel confident in your choice, proceed with the application process. Follow the instructions carefully and provide all necessary information and documentation. If you want to learn step-by-step how to apply for a government iPhone program, then keep reading, as we do have that guide ahead of us in this piece of writing.

Best Government Free iPhone Programs:

Now you know how to choose the right government iPhone programs. Now, if you don’t want to work hard to do that much work yourself, then don’t worry. I’ve already researched and found the best free government iPhone programs that you can go for. Let’s talk about each one one by one.

Free Government iPhone

Free iPhone Government 7/14 Programs in 2024:

Now, we’re going to look at all of the Free Apple iPhone Government programs that will provide you with free Government iPhone 7, Free Government iPhone 13 and hopefully 14. Let’s dive into each of them now.

1. Lifeline Assistance:

Lifeline Assistance is the best Free iPhone Government program. This program aims to help all types of poor people with their free smartphones such as apple cellphones or any other phones. Not only do they provide you with free Apple iPhones, but they also give you cheap internet and communication services so that using technology can be easier for you.

You have to keep one thing in mind: the Lifeline Assistance Programme doesn’t always provide iPhones but other phones as well. It depends on the availability of the phones. Apply for them, and let’s see what phone is in your destiny.

Applying for Lifeline assistance program:

  • Choose the Providers: Choose the provider of the free smartphone, Government First. You can do that by searching for them on Google, or just wait for a while as I’ll share with you all of the best providers ahead in the article.
  • Gather your documentation. You will need to provide proof of income and proof of participation in a qualifying government assistance program.
  • Complete the application. You can apply online, by mail, or by phone.
  • Wait for approval. Once your application is approved, you will be issued a free or discounted phone.

2. Affordable Connectivity Program:

The Affordable Connectivity Programme (ACP) is a federal program that provides a monthly discount on broadband and wireless internet service to qualifying households. Also, it provides iPhones for free, other brand phones and ACP Free Laptops through ACP Laptop Providers to the needy.

But remember one thing: again, as mentioned above, not all of the phones that you might get from this platform will be iPhones. There may be other modalities as well. So, be mentally prepared for that and get home on whatever phone you’re getting. The iPhone models that you can get from ACP are:

  • Apple iPhone 7
  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Apple iPhone 8
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Apple iPhone 6s
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  • Apple Free Government iPhone 12

Applying For ACP:

  • Find a participating provider: Search for the providers online and select the one that you like. 
  • Gather your documentation. Please provide proof of income and eligibility for government assistance.
  • Complete the application. You can apply online, by mail, or by phone.
  • Wait for approval. Once your application is approved, you will receive a letter with instructions on how to redeem your discount.

3. National Lifeline Association:

The National Lifeline Association (NLA) is a non-profit organisation that helps low-income consumers get access to affordable phone service. The NLA administers the Lifeline Assistance program, which provides free or discounted phone service to eligible households. 

Some participating providers in the Lifeline Assistance program offer free apple iPhones to eligible customers. So, if you’re eligible for Lifeline, you may be able to get an iPhone for free.

Applying For National Association:

  • Find a participating provider: Search for the provider first, either on Google or on YouTube, where you can find them. And then select the one that you like and think is trustworthy.
  • Gather your documentation. There will be some required documents that you’ll have to provide to the providers. That will be for getting yourself verified by the providers as a deserving person.
  • Complete the application. You can apply online, by mail, or by phone.
  • Wait for approval. Once your application is approved, you will be issued a free or discounted phone

4. Connect America Fund:

The Connect America Fund (CAF) is a government program that helps to provide affordable broadband service to rural areas. It’s funded by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and there are a number of participating providers that offer CAF-funded services.

Not all of the providers of this program offer iPhones, but they sell discounted-priced phones and services to needy people. Also, some of the providers also give phones which are not necessarily iPhones. 

Applying for the National School Lunch Program:

  • Check Eligibility: Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria for the Connect America Fund.
  • Contact Service Provider: Get in touch with an internet service provider (ISP) that participates in the Connect America Fund program.
  • Inquire and Apply: Reach out to the ISP and inquire about the application process. They’ll guide you through the steps to apply for the Connect America Fund.
  • Provide Information: Prepare necessary documents and information, such as your address and any qualifying factors required by the ISP.
  • Submit Application: Follow the instructions provided by the ISP to submit your application for the Connect America Fund.

Free Government iPhone 6/6S/6plus/7/7Plus/8/13:

If you’re interested in getting Free Government iPhone 6 to 13, then the following programs will help you do that. 

5: National School Lunch Program:

Who do you think needs the phones the most? Students, right? Therefore, there is a program for students called the School Lunch program. This program doesn’t provide free gov iPhones though but at discounted rates that students can easily afford. 

The purpose of this program is to make iPhones and other phones so affordable to buy that even a student belonging to a middle-class family can easily buy them. This program isn’t for the people who don’t have any money on them.

Applying for the National School Lunch Program:

  • The NSLP is administered by schools, so the first step is to ask your child’s school about the program. They’ll let you know if your child is eligible and how to apply.
  • For more information on the program, including eligibility requirements and application procedures, visit
  • Gather your documentation. The NSLP website has a list of acceptable documents that you can use to prove your income and household size.
  • Complete the application. If your child’s school provides you with an application form, you’ll need to fill it out and return it.
  • Wait for approval. After you submit your application, the school will review it and let you know if your child is eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

6: AirTalk Wireless:

You can get a Free iPhone Government with AirTalk Wireless through Airtalk Wireless Free Government Phone Program. They offer service in a bunch of states, including Oklahoma, South Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania. 

In addition to providing the phone for free, they also offer 15GB of high-speed data, voicemail, and unlimited talk time. For someone looking for a reliable and affordable way to stay connected, this is a good option.

Applying For AirTalk Wireless:

  • Make your way to the Airtalk Wireless website and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  • Complete the online application form.
  • Upload your proof of income and proof of participation in a qualifying government assistance program.
  • Submit your application.

7: Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless is another company that offers free government iPhones. They operate in select states, including California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia.

In addition to the phone, they also offer unlimited talk time, text messages, and 1GB of high-speed data. If you’re eligible for the programme, it’s a great way to get a free Gov iPhone and stay connected at an affordable price.

Applying For Cintex Wireless:

  • Visit the Cintex Wireless website and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  • Create an account and provide your personal information, including your name, address, and date of birth.
  • Upload your proof of income and proof of participation in a qualifying government assistance program.
  • Submit your application.

10: NewPhone Wireless

It’s an established provider that delivers services across numerous states, including Oklahoma, Louisiana, Delaware, Arkansas, etc., as well as Free iPhone Government. The website has more information, so you can fill out the form.

Applying For NewPhone Wireless:

  • Visit the NewPhone Wireless website and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  • Create an account and provide your personal information, including your name, address, and date of birth.
  • Upload your proof of income and proof of participation in a qualifying government assistance program.
  • Now, submit your Application.

11: Safelink

The last government-iPhone provider that I have for you is Safelink. This program is known for providing free internet data, talk time and other communication services. Also, they provide free government iPhones and other phones to the deserving people. 

Applying For Safelink:

  • Visit the Safelink website and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  • Create an account and provide your personal information, including your name, address, and date of birth.
  • Upload your proof of income and proof of participation in a qualifying government assistance program.
  • Submit your application.

So, these are the best Free apple iPhone providers that you can go for. 

Can I get Free Government iPhone 14 Pro Max?

The government usually doesn’t give Free Government iPhone 14 Pro Max in their Free Government Smartphones program because it’s a new and expensive phone. Programs like free phones help low-income people get affordable communications services, so they usually use older, less expensive phones.

Apple’s iPhone 14 starts at $799, so many low-income people can’t afford it. Government programs that provide free phones typically have income eligibility requirements, and they’re set to keep the phones affordable for people who can’t afford them.

Check out our extensive list of providers offering free iPhones throughout the USA. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab your very own free iPhone government phones. Visit now and start enjoying the government benefits!

Government programs that provide free phones are funded by taxpayers. Providing iPhone 14s to everyone who qualifies would cost a lot of money, so it’s not clear if it’s a good use of taxpayer money.

How To Get a Free Apple iPhone Government?

Now, it’s time for us to learn how to get a free government apple iPhone. The process of choosing the right program and the best programs has also been explained to you. Now you just have to follow the below-mentioned steps to get the phone. Let’s start with the criteria:

Free iPhone Government Phones

Criteria For Getting A Free Government iPhone:

The government doesn’t want the benefits of a free government iPhone program to be sought. Thus, they’ve made criteria for the people applying for it. 

Those criteria will decide whether the person is deserving or just trying to scam the program. Look at the below-mentioned criteria to know if you’re eligible to get the iPhone or not.

  • Income Check: To score a Free iPhone Government phone, your household income should be at or below 135-150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The exact cutoff varies by state.
  • Federal Assistance Programs: If you’re already receiving help from programs like Medicaid, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), FPHA (housing assistance), Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit, or SSI (income support), you could qualify.
  • Tribal Programs: If you’re on federally recognized Tribal lands, programs like Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, TANF (financial help), FDPIR (food distribution), or Head Start (if income criteria are met) can make you eligible.
  • Special Cases: In some states, being a senior citizen, having disabilities, or being a veteran could also qualify you.
  • You have to be above 18. If you’re 17 or 16 and then thinking of getting a Free Government iPhone, then you won’t be able to do that. Because the criteria for being eligible for this program is being above 18. 

After knowing the criteria, the second thing that you have to keep in mind is the below-mentioned required documents.

Required Documents:

You must have the following documents to apply for the programme:

1. Photo ID:

Your identification card with your photo on it. It proves your identity and ensures the assistance goes to the right person.

2. Proof of Food Stamp Program Enrollment:

An official document showing your participation in the Food Stamp Program. This confirms your eligibility for the Free iPhone Government.

3. Current Address:

You need to give the providers your current address so that your free phone can be delivered.

4. Passport Copy:

A copy of your passport, if available, to further verify your identity.

5. List of Organisation Addresses:

Addresses of places that provide you assistance or support, like shelters or community centres. This helps the government understand your situation better.

How To Apply for a Free iPhone Government Phone?

Once you meet the criteria and have the required documents, you now have to follow the below-mentioned steps to apply for a Free iPhone Government.

How to Apply for Free iPhone Online

Choose The Best Free Government Program:

I’ve given you a method for choosing the right program for you. Also, I’ve told you about some of the best programs and what services they offer. So choose any of them. The steps for applying for all positions will be the same.

Grab Your Documents:

Now grab all of the required documents that I’ve told you about above. Get them together with you, as you’ll need them.

Fill Out the Application

Now it’s time to fill out the application. Whichever program you choose, they’ll provide you with an application, either online or offline, that you’ll have to fill out. So, fill that out. Please make sure you’re not making any mistakes in the application while entering your data. It may get your application disapproved.

Submit Your Application

Now, it’s time to submit the application that you’ve filled out. You can do so in two ways. One offline and the second one online, depending on what application you’ve got. If you’ve gotten a physical application, then to submit it, you’ll have to go to the office of the provider. However, if it’s online, then you can simply submit it online on the official website of the provider.

Now, Have Patience:

After submitting your application to the providers, you then have to wait until it gets approved. If you’ve filled it out accurately and meet the criteria, it’ll surely be approved. And you’ll get the phone.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Government iPhone Free?

There is no specific time for you to get your Free Gov iPhone. It sometimes takes longer, while sometimes it just gets done. It actually depends on how fast your application gets checked and then approved. Sometimes, the applications may take a while to get approved when the staff is too busy. If you’ve provided the right information, then your application will surely be approved sooner. Just don’t be in such a hurry. But now the question is, What to do when you get your phone?

What To Do When You Receive Your Phone?

Congratulations if you’ve gotten your free government iPhone or any other phone. Now, the thing that you have to do after getting the phone is activate it. You can do so by following the below-mentioned steps.

Activating Your Free iPhone:

  • Start by pressing and holding the power button on your iPhone until you see the Apple logo.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions that pop up. You’ll pick your preferred language, region, and settings.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi or use cellular data to complete the activation process.

Setting Up Your iPhone:

  • Sign in with your Apple ID. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. You can easily create a new Apple ID during the setup.
  • Decide if you want to restore your iPhone from a previous backup, set it up as new, or move data from an Android device.
  • Follow the prompts that appear to customise settings like location services, Siri, and screen time.

Transferring Your Phone Number (Optional):

  • If you want to keep your current phone number while moving from another phone, get in touch with your service provider for assistance.
  • Share your new iPhone’s IMEI number, which you can locate in the Settings app under General > About.
  • Your service provider will then kick off the process to transfer your number. It might take a few hours to wrap up.

That’s how you can activate your free government iPhone with ease. Even if you’ve got any other modal, the process of activating will be the same. But what’s next?

Remember This:

You’ve got your phone, and you’ve also activated it. Now, you can start using it and do your work on it with ease. However, keep one thing in mind: after getting the phone, you have to maintain your eligibility. If your eligibility gets changed in the future for the better, then it may result in you getting your phone back into the program. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work hard to improve your circumstances, but I’m just telling you this to be aware. But what do you do to maintain your eligibility? Just follow the below-mentioned steps to do that.

Tell About Your Income To The Providers:

If your income has increased or decreased over time, you have to let the providers know about it. It’s called being fair with them. It’s because, with your updated information, you may have to resubmit your application again. 

You have to do that if the provider you’re getting your phone from has this rule. If they don’t, then just keep using your phone. It doesn’t matter what income you have now or may have in the future in that situation. Please note that it’s not just the iPhones but you can also get a Free Tablets with EBT Food Stamps which is a great opportunity for the newbies.

Annual Recertification Requirements:

Not all programmes, but the majority of them, require you to have your eligibility confirmed every year. Programs like Lifeline have that rule. You have to get them to confirm your emancipation every single year. To confirm, you’ll be asked to provide them with updated documents about you and your income level. 

Also, you’ll have to tell them if you’re still surviving on the EBT benefits or if you’ve improved your circumstances for the better.I advise you to please respond to the program every single year, as if you don’t then they may cancel the benefits you’re getting.


  • Stick to the program rules. They’re there for a reason!
  • Don’t give false information or fail to report changes. This could get you in trouble.
  • If you break the rules, you might have to pay back the cost of the iPhone or face other penalties.
  • To stay safe, make sure your information is accurate and report any changes promptly.
  • It’s all about staying eligible and avoiding any problems.

What If You No Longer Meet The Eligibility Criteria?

If the phone providers come to know that you no longer meet the criteria, they’ll surely take your phone back from you. Because iPhone free government phone programs are funded by the government itself, They have a limited budget. Thus, they make sure only the needy get the benefits. 

If you no longer need the benefits and can survive on your own, it doesn’t make sense to leave their phone with you. Also, it’s really fair to give deserving people their rights. If God has mended your circumstances and made you capable of buying your iPhone on your own, then spend some money and give the free one back so that someone else who’s in need can use it.

But if you’re okay with getting any model of the smartphones, then below are the best other iPhone free government phone programs that provide different models of phones other than iPhones.

Troubleshooting Tips If Your Free Apple iPhone Doesn’t Work Well:

A lot of users report that their free iPhone isn’t working well. It’s having different types of issues, but they don’t know how to solve them. The first thing that you have to do is make your way to the customer support of the provider you got your iPhone from. 

They’ll be able to guide you better on the issue. And even if that doesn’t fix the issue or the support team isn’t replying to you, you can apply the below-listed Free Government iPhone troubleshooting tips.

  • Head to Apple Support’s official website ( for easy-to-follow solutions to common issues.
  • Check out the Apple Support Community ( for answers from fellow iPhone users or join discussions.

In-Person Solutions:

Sometimes a hands-on approach is the way to go: Swing by an Apple Store or authorised service centre for hardware fixes, repairs, or software updates. They’ve got your iPhone’s back.

Request For Another One:

If your phone is damaged, and hence it’s not working at all, then the only solution to this issue is to let the providers know about the issue and request that they get you another iPhone. It may take some time to get another phone, but you should get it if you meet the criteria.

Online Resources:

If nothing works and you think the issue is with the phone’s settings, then make your way to YouTube and watch videos there related to the issue. Write down the specific issue you’re having on YouTube, and you’ll get hundreds of videos giving you the solution. That’s the best way if the issues are related to the software settings. However, if the issue is with the hardware, then you better take the phone to any mechanic who can repair it for you.

Best Free Government Smartphones Providers:

Sit tight as I’m going to share the best Free Government Smartphones providers where you can see the options to apply for a free government cellphone. So let’s get started with the Q Link Wireless which is one of my top choice when it comes to the Free iPhones Providers list.

1. Q Link Wireless:

Q Link Wireless stands out with its diverse smartphone selection, giving you options beyond iPhones. Keep an eye on their updates, as iPhones might pop up among their offerings.

2. TruConnect:

There are a variety of smartphone models available through TruConnect, including iPhones. Check out their lineup for your preferred iPhone model.

3. StandUp Wireless:

If you’re open to different phone options, don’t dismiss StandUp Wireless just because it’s mostly Android phones.

4. Life Wireless:

Check if your desired iPhone is available from Life Wireless. They provide a range of phone options for Lifeline participants, including an iPhone.

5. American Assistance:

They tend to sell Android phones, but don’t rule out iPhones completely. Check if they carry the iPhone you want.

6. Assurance Wireless:

You might find your dream iPhone at Assurance Wireless when iPhones are available in the Lifeline program. Checkout if you phone is compatible with BYOP (Bring your phone) program through Assurance Wireless Phone Compatibility Checker.

7. enTouch Wireless:

enTouch wireless is another amazing Free iPhone Government provider. Take a look at the enTouch Wireless lineup and see if you can find the iPhone model you’re looking for.

8. Terracom Wireless:

Terracom Wireless covers a wide spectrum of smartphone options, and iPhones might be part of their range. Explore their offerings to find the iPhone you’re eyeing.

9. Tag Mobile:

As a free government iPhone provider, Tag Mobile delivers a range of phones, including iPhones. Take a look at their selection to see if they have the iPhone that matches your preferences.

Non-Profit Organisations That Offer Free iPhones

Other than those programmes, there are some nonprofit organisations as well that offer free iPhones and other smartphones.

10: National Domestic Violence Hotline:

It’s really hard to be a survivor of domestic violence. You’re always in danger of being abused or killed. Therefore, it’s very important for such people to have an iPhone with them with which they can stay connected with the support team and call the police to help them whenever needed. 

The National Domestic Violence Hotline, which is a non-profit organisation, makes this happen. They provide free government iPhones to all domestic violence survivors so that they can be safe.

11: PCs For People:

PCs for People is another amazing non-profit organisation that offers free smartphones and other needed devices to all the needy. The devices that they provide are actually refurbished. 

Thus, they can serve more people and give them the advantage of a good smartphone and sometimes other electronics as well. To qualify for this programme, your income needs to be 200% or you must be getting help from EBT benefits. .

12: Cell Phones For Soldiers:

Although everyone needs a phone, The ones that need it the most are soldiers. They don’t live with us; they have to protect us by standing far away from us on the border in dangerous areas. Though having a phone won’t add much to them, at least it’ll help them stay connected with their loved ones. 

They can call their family and partners whenever they feel like it, which will keep them motivated to stay straightforward in their difficult jobs.

Free iPhone Government Programs by State:

There are some state-specific free service programs as well that you can use to get free benefits in terms of digital gadgets. Let’s talk about each Free Government Phones By State Program one by one.

1) California LifeLine:

California, the land of sun-kissed shores and Hollywood dreams, takes Lifeline to the next level. This local twist adds extra discounts and a unique flavour to eligibility criteria, catering to the Golden State’s distinct rhythm.

2) Texas Telephone Assistance Program:

Deep in the heart of Texas, a Lone Star State specialty awaits. Here, residents are treated to discounts not just on monthly bills, but also on installation charges for essential landline telephone service. 

3) Oregon Telecommunication Devices Access Program:

There’s a program blooming in Oregon that caters to communication for the differently-abled. Specialised devices aid those with hearing, speech, or visual challenges, making it easier to communicate.

4) TEDP – Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program:

A pioneering organisation in Minnesota and New Jersey, the TEDP provides adaptive equipment that enriches the lives of the deaf, hard of hearing, and those with speech impairments.

5) TAP – Telecommunications Assistance Program:

In states across the country, TAP is a lifeline for those with unique voices that need amplification. It’s not just a phone; it’s a tool for communication.

6) iCanConnect:

iCanConnect bridges the gap between hearing and vision loss. Technology turns into a bridge, enabling individuals to navigate the world of communication with ease.

Now, it’s time for me to answer a few of your frequently asked questions about this topic.


A: Yes, there are five government phones available that you can get for free. However, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get 5G phones in the iPhone Free Government Phones programs.

A: Yes, some programs offer free tablets to individuals with EBT benefits.

A: Yes, there are programs that provide free laptops to those with EBT benefits.

A: Yes, some government initiatives provide free tablets to eligible individuals.

A: Yes, you can get an iPhone from the free government iPhone programme, which is made to provide iPhones to people in need.

A: You can get it from free iPhone programs like ACP, and Airtalk Wireless.

A: Yes, certain government programs offer free laptops to eligible individuals.

A: Yes, you do. There are some free government programs that provide needy people with laptops that they can use for their job or their studies.

You can get a Free Government iPhone 11 Pro Max from the Free iPhone Government programmes, which include LifeLine, the Texas Telephone Assistance program, the Oregon Oregon Telecommunication Devices Access Program Meme, and Assurance Wireless.

Low income families and individuals can now eligible to apply for a Free Tablet with Medicaid through different government funded providers such as Qlink, Assurance Wireless, StandUp Wireless and more.

Final Words:

To get a Free iPhone Government, there are specific criteria that you have to meet. If you meet that criteria, then you can choose the right free government iPhone program for you and then submit your application there. I’ve told you how to do that. If you don’t meet the criteria, then don’t apply, as your application won’t get approved. 

Other than that, once you’ve gotten your iPhone free government phone, it’s crucial for you to maintain your eligibility. Some programs may also need you to rectify your eligibility every single year. So make sure you do that, and if you think you’re now capable of buying your own iPhone, let the providers know and return their phone to them so that any other needy person can use it.

Now I have shared every single thing about Government Free iPhones. Still, if you have any more questions related to the topic, you can consider leaving them down below. I’d love to help you out.